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Here at The Shropshire Spirit Co. we make Gin and Rum. Nothing complicated just turning Shropshire fruits and a few choice ingredients into a tasty range of drinks.

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Meet the Distiller

James founded The Shropshire Spirit Co. in 2015 to make a range of Spirits using Shropshire sourced ingredients.

James B Crone

Distiller & Director

When not at the Distillery is most likely to be found at Ironbridge Rowing Club or watching Rugby. Born in Perthshire and a Shropshire resident for 15 years James makes the Spirits and currently does everything else as well!

A little bit more

A little bit more information and where to find us.
Based in Halesfield the Distillery is small and humble but still produces high quality Spirits available across the county of Shropshire and beyond. Everything starts with the fruits. Their quality from the farms of rural Shropshire provide the flavours of the Spirits so the selection and preparation of these is one (if not the most) of the most important stages in our process. The Stills do their work and the alcohol is collected, diluted to 40% and bottled. As you may have noticed the bottles are a little bit different. They have been specially selected from Steklarna-Hrastnik of Slovenia; a world renowned glass maker they offer a truly beautiful bottle of the highest quality. Each bottle is hand sealed with special wax. It is melted in a Bain-Marie and each bottle is repeatedly dipped into the molten wax to build up the layers to the distinctive rounded top. Whilst soft each bottle has our Loggerhead pressed into it with a hand seal.

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  •   07794 004 875
  •   11C M54 Space Centre Halesfield 8 Shropshire TF7 4QN

The Spirits

Salopian Gin No.1

Salopian Gin No.1 was the first product to come out of the Shropshire Spirit Co.'s Distillery. Strawberries and Raspberries from Shropshire are combined with Juniper berries and 2 secret ingredients to create a botanical mix that results in a smooth tasting Gin full of fruity freshness. Created here in Shropshire in our small Alembic Pot still in hand labelled batches of up to 40 bottles so you know when we say small batches we really do mean it! This combines Shropshire sourced Strawberries and Raspberries (frozen in the summer to preserve their freshness), dried Juniper berries (well it wouldn't be Gin without them) and two other secret ingredients and yes they really are secret. This botanical mix is infused into the alcohol vapour before condensing and is then bottled at 40% in our unique Slovenian bottles. A distinctive but sweet smelling Juniper nose hides the smoothness that these 5 ingredients give with a subtle hint of the fruits. A warming trickle replaces the harsh kick normally associated with neat Gins.

Our Current Range

Salopian Strawberry Rum

Currently in the final stages of development a White Rum fermented from Sugar Cane Molasses and Shropshire Strawberries will soon be released. A drink with a different personality and distinctive taste.

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