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Here at The Shropshire Spirit Co. we make Gin & Rum. Nothing complicated just turning Shropshire sourced fruits and a few choice ingredients into a tasty range of drinks.

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The Spirits

Salopian Gin No.1

Salopian Gin No.1 was the first product to come out of the Shropshire Spirit Co.'s Distillery. Strawberries and Raspberries from Shropshire are combined with Juniper berries and 2 secret ingredients to create a botanical mix that results in a smooth tasting Gin full of fruity freshness. Created here in Shropshire in our small Alembic Pot still in hand labelled batches of up to 40 bottles so you know when we say small batches we really do mean it! The Shropshire sourced Strawberries and Raspberries (frozen in the summer to preserve their freshness), dried Juniper berries (well it wouldn't be Gin without them) and two other secret ingredients and yes they really are secret form the botanical mix. These are infused into the alcohol vapour before condensing and is then bottled at 40% in our unique Slovenian bottles. A distinctive but sweet smelling Juniper nose hides the smoothness that these 5 ingredients give with a subtle hint of the fruits. A warming trickle replaces the harsh kick normally associated with neat Gins.

Salopian Spirits

Salopian Strawberry Rum

Salopian Strawberry Rum is a White Rum made here in Shropshire from sugar cane molasses and Strawberries. Fermented together for up to a week before being put through the still, collected and bottled this British white rum is distinctive. The copper pot still retains the depth of flavour that molasses provide but is smoothed out by the Strawberries. Delicate Strawberry flavours build from the first sip and linger after tasting. The subtle contrast of molasses and Strawberries that are blended together from fermentation lend this to some great cocktails for the budding-mixologists amongst you.

The Loggerhead

The Loggerhead is our distinctive animal head logo.

It is the heraldic emblem of Shropshire, previously Salop (hence Salopian Spirits), and we use it to represent everything about Shropshire that goes into our Spirits.

Our drinks are made here in the county using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. This provenance is what defines the Spirits and makes them what they are.

Every bottle is stamped with a Loggerhead into the wax seal as a mark of quality and assurance that The Shropshire Spirit Co truly is a Shropshire Distillery.

Our Bottles

We have some very distinctive bottles. Chosen specifically for their aesthetically pleasing curves and chunky looks they really do show that we want you to have a fantastic time with Salopian Spirits. From when you break each hand dipped and stamped wax seal by pulling on the strand of ribbon to sipping the last drop from the bottle your experience is our priority. The bottles are exotically imported from Slovenia from the world renowned glass-blowers of Steklarna-Hrastnik  before arriving at the Distillery to have our Loggerhead labels applied.

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